My wife (MaryAnn) and I are both professors of applied linguistics. For over 50 years, I’ve specialized in language testing research and design, and MaryAnn in second language acquisition research and teaching. One of our great joys has been sharing our love of languages and professional international travel experiences, and we’ve seen much of the world this way.

Hobby-wise, I’ve enjoyed music for my entire life, both producing it (particularly blues harmonica) and consuming it, starting with the birth of “High Fidelity” way back in the 1040s. My appreciation of the reproduction of sound over seven decades rivals that of my infatuation with Ducatis.

I had the incredibly good fortune to grow up in a Frank Lloyd Wright house (the Palmer house, in Ann Arbor, Michigan) and to experience my parents’ love of the arts from literally the day I was born. I am grateful for my life in so many ways, and I’m happy that I can share some my passions with you all.

Buzz (red), MaryAnn (blonde), Carlo Linetti (behind Buzz–see the “Ducatista” story on this website), Carlo’s wife, Barbara, and two of Carlo’s colleagues, Bruno Bergonzoni (behind Carlo) and Alberto Parini (behind Barbara), on a night out at World Ducati Week, 2012.