First, I would like to thank Henri de Baritault, founder of Zoominity Productions, a long time friend and truly wonderful website designer who brought to life my vision for this project.

I am also grateful to the many people who inspired me to share my lifetime relationship with Ducati motorcycles. In particular, I would like to give special thanks to Greg Pullen, Carlo Linetti, and the Rotarian Ducatisti whom I got to know through my World Ducati Week experience in 2010. It was their enthusiasm that first got me thinking about creating a website of some sort. I would also like to acknowledge Vicki Smith, whose beautiful website inspired me to contribute to the Ducatista community at large.

Finally, my very special thanks go to Cook Neilson and Phil Schilling, whose influence goes back to the exact beginning of my affair with Ducatis. Phil suggested that I seriously consider doing more with a previous version of a website on which I had posted my “Ducatista” story. I took his advice and hope this new incarnation provides testimony to the remarkable standard that Cook, Phil, and Cycle magazine set for all of us.