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This is the first issue of the Ducati International Owners Club Newsletter (United States) dating from July, 1976.  (It survived a short trip off the back of my Ducati over 35 years ago.)  I think you’ll enjoy seeing how the newsletter movement began, and I’d enjoy your feedback on these postings.  You can email me or subscribe to this blog.


  1. Cook Neilson

    Looking forward to it!

  2. Andy Farrer

    Great to find more ‘privateer’ Ducati history from the past 42 years that have passed since I first raced a Mach One. Andy Farrer, UK.

    • Andy,

      I’m so glad you enjoy our history. Could you pass this link on to others in the UK who might be interested? I tried to find Jilly Bennett on line but couldn’t locate her. She was the secretary of the UK Desmo Club newsletters that appear on this website. I think I even corresponded with her a couple of times a long time ago.



  3. Hey Buzz, great to see this – a fine job. Must get you contributing to the revived Benzina in 2013!

    Best wishes


    • Greg,

      So glad you like the site. Love to contribute in any way I can.

      Notice that the link to your website is one of the first I provided. The standard you set really got me going. Thank you so much for Benzina. I treasure my complete set of issues and look forward to the future.

      Could you please pass on the link to my site to others in the UK? I did my best to find Ducati clubs I could notify but don’t know how well I succeeded. I’m trying to compile a master list of sites so I can help coordinate preserving the history of the Ducatista community.

      My wife and I travel to England from time to time. Love to get together in person some day. You are always welcome here.



  4. Great job on your website, it is truly a labor of love! I loved your bio video. I might point out a glaring omission in your credits. I know I am always at the very forefront of your mind so you probably did not realize that you failed to credit me for all my sage wisdom regarding this endeavor. Without my guidance, your watchers would have been forced to suffer through Enya or Celine Dion soundtracks to your super8 videos. You’re welcome. (wink and smile, I don’t emoticon)

    • Viv,
      You’re so right! I guess I’m so used to your wisdom that it just flows through me. I actually did quote you to Henri regarding your music caveats. We were both guided by you, always!

      Love, Dad