Hold Everything!

Just when I thought I’d seen everything about Ducatis in Thailand (See “Full Circle” post from Bangkok this website.), MaryAnn and I took off for Khon Kaen. This used to be a small agricultural town in the northeast of Thailand where I lived for three years about 40 years ago. During that time, there may have been a maximum of 25 cars in the entire town, and when we wanted to get anywhere, we’d take a pedal cab or ride our little Hondas. In any case, I was out for a morning stroll in Khon Kaen and came upon a shopping mall with a sign promoting a motor show inside. OK, so I went to the second floor where motorcycles were on exhibit, and there—get this—was a Ducati exhibit featuring a Panigale!  The photo shows the Panigale and me in a Ducati Udon(thani) T-shirt. Udonthani used to be a small town about 70 klicks up the highway. Now it has a Ducati dealership! Would you believe it?