Pedigree of my 1976 Ducati 905 CNR (Cook Neilson Replica)


“Motorcycles transport the body… Ducatis transport the soul”.

Joel Elial Gonzales, President DOIC


Owner: Adrian (Buzz) Palmer,

Purchased (new): C&G Cycle, Salt Lake City, Utah, (10/14/76)

Frame (VIN): 086255, Engine:  086661.  License:  UT 695FP


      • Reversed calipers
      • Braided steel lines:  Earl’s Supply
      • Honda 750 master cylinder
      • Magura dog-leg power levers


      • K & N  air filters selected to fit over velocity stacks

Cylinders & pistons

      • Bored to 905 CC, Skidmore Machine, Salt Lake City, Utah
      • Venolia pistons


      • Automotive fuse box & extensive rewiring with heavier gauge wire
      • Relays for high and low beam
      • Switch for simultaneous operation of high and low beam
      • Accel ignition wires
      • Factory (European) tail light
      • Fiamm horns

Extra equipment

      • Stock single seat
      • Stock dual seat
      • Stock exhaust pipes and Conti mufflers, stock la Franconia quiet mufflers
      • Stock tank
      • Stock tail light
      • Stock Conti mufflers (painted black)
      • Muffled inserts & removable reverse cones for factory high pipes:  Al Parkin, Salt Lake City,
      • Complete set of intake and exhaust valve adjusters
      • Complete set of factory tools


      • Aluminum instrument panel
      • Veglia racing tachometer
      • VDO speedometer

Stock racing equipment

      • Imola cams
      • Factory high racing pipes
      • 40mm Dellorto pumper carbs


      • Valves:  2mm oversize stainless
      • Cam:  strip, re-radius, shot peen, hard chrome, Bob Gorsuch, Excello Plating, Los Angeles, CA
      • Guides:  high grade guides for 450 Desmo, Woods Motor Shop, Glendale, CA
      • Guide installation:  machined to fit 900SS by Harold Parks, S&R Enterprises, Hayward, CA
      • Adjustment:  Mike Shields, Salt Lake City, UT


      • 13” S & W shocks, 90 lb. springs
      • Forks:  air caps, heavier springs
      • Fork gaters
      • Wheels:  Sun 3” front, 3” rear, gold anodized,
      • Spokes:  Buchanan stainless steel
      • Extra zerk fitting in swing arm pivot


      • 750 SS style aftermarket tank, Sid’s Cycle, Florida
      • Number plates (on seat) styled after Cook Neilson and Phil Schilling’s 750SS Daytona 200 winner
      • Painting:  Schmidt Body and Paint, Salt Lake City, Utah
      • Fairing:  monochromatic gray
      • Frame:  gloss black
      • Cylinder barrels & exhaust system:  high temperature flat black


      • Fairing:  oriented as on Cook and Phil’s  750SS Daytona 200 winner
      • Forks:  Accel stickers as per Cook and Phil’s 750SS Daytona 200 winner

Racing accomplishments

      • Top speed:  141.06 mph, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah Salt Flats Racing Association (7/26/81).  “Top 140” winner after multiple attempts over several years.
      • Drag racing:  Bonneville Drag Strip, Salt Lake City, UT, 12.84 @100.01 (7/11/79).  One and only experience drag racing.
      • Road racing:  Laguna Seca, AFM Club Race (1982).  Survived.